Elbchaussee 438, Hamburg

Hanseatic living in the Elbe suburbs

We were lucky to have the chance to develop in the Elbchaussee area. One of the oldest and most diverse streets in Hamburg. 

The result was a white facade architectural building to represent the reflection of context nature towards the building itself.


Classical architecture and modern construction techniques.

Moreover, a high end finishing of smart home apartments within PKW lift for the underground parking garage searching for the optimum comfortability for the future tenants. In addition to the minimalist hoch fertig aussenanlage. Maximum number of openings, Maximum no of dachgaube to gain more natural light. 

project details

More rooms, more space.

More rooms, more space. Not only more bedrooms, we took in consideration also to provide a workplace for each apartment taking in consideration the Covid-19 post changes on the type of living and working.