Manteuffelstraße 1, Hamburg

Re-interpretation of an old Hanseatic building.

We found a potential in this nice old building and we made the decision to develop it.  And our aim was to renovate this building with a full respect to the old architectural language without any crucial changes. If an old building could talk, they would have myriad tales to tell. Old buildings can´t speak for themselves but the renovations and conversions in this issue reveal quite a lot about their history. 


We want to keep the old hanseatic architecture preserved.

Placing the entrance in the middle of the building and providing more geometrical symmetry of the facade was very important. And instead of changing the facade, we made a cleaning of the facades with the best techniques and added a new gap.

Regards the windows. We kept the white windows but used the last best combination of aluminium and wood to create more durability and better insulation. Creating more openings in the same type and size to provide more natural light and make the building healthier. 

project details

More rooms, more space.

More rooms, more space. Not only more bedrooms, we took in consideration also to provide a workplace for each apartment taking in consideration the Covid 19 post changes on the type of living and working.  A terrace, balkon or dach terrasse is provided for each apartment.  

We are developing with love an old building we like as if we are developing our own house.